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I guess I'm pretty cool person. I likes be positive, helping others, writing and exploring.  Also a fan of happy ending. Even life is too serious as it is. This blog i called as my second heart. Everything with Allah blessing, i'll share those awesome moments in my life. Overall i think is a lot about my family. 'Cause i love them....LOL.

Thanks for all your support! It means a lot. Anyway, welcome to my life.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Adidas water bottle


Yeah. Nak beli someone hadiah ni memang susah.
Not my fav things to do.
Rela sangat suruh orang lain beli, just hulur duit jer.

Then, after round and round,
Smpai tak larat,
Dapatlah grab something... here the present for my lucky lady.

Hasil carian imej untuk adidas water bottle price in malaysia
Adidas water bottle.
The green one. Better?

I bought this item. 
Why I picked this? Which quite affordable for me.
Because i think she likes me.
... We always carried a big bag.
Beg Doraemon, we called it. Macam-macam ada...
Which absolutely has a water bottle inside.

So, here, i just tambah collections lah.

I hope she likes it.
Because i like it so much.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Kau ku gengam dalam hijrahku

(hope i can shared this in my other social media before my #2018bigproject)

Hidup ini ada pilihan.
Selitan putaran dunia antara kau dan aku.
Menempuh hari, bulan dan tahun.
Detik masa saksi segalanya.
Menghimpit dari jalan ke jalan.

Kerana mati itu pasti.
Adakah kau yang akan pergi dulu?
Atau aku mungkin?
Aku terjaga... saat nafsu menarikku untuk terus tidur.

Hanya saja, aku kini telah mengambil keputusan yang berlainan.
Tiada halangan untuk meninggalkanmu.
Kerana sudah berkali ku cuba mengajakmu bersama.
Tapi niat baikku terbang begitu saja di sapa angin.
Benarlah kata orang, Menaruh harapan di hati manusia, ia akan mengecewakanmu.
Menaruh harapanlah pada Allah, Allah akan memberikan hal di luar akal fikirmu.
Aku pergi.

Pada saat kau membaca coretan ini, aku telah pun beberapa langkah darimu.
Aku ingin mengejar kisah akhir bakal tempatku beradu.
Restuilah dan doakanlah perjalananku.
Ingatlah, Allah tidak memanggil orang yang mampu. Tetapi Allah memampukan orang yang terpanggil.

Tetapi sejenak aku berhenti,
Melihat kau cuba bangun payah untuk mengejarku.
Permainan apakah ini?
Kehambaan ini yang harus diperjuangkan bukan padaku, bukan pada manusia.
Tetapi kehambaanmu pada Allah.

Aku masih percaya padamu. Perbetulkan niatmu.
Yang mana membuatkan hal yang nampak buruk di hadapan Allah,
tetapi tampak indah di hadapan manusia.
Sambutlah huluran kata-kataku buatmu...

Sudikah kiranya kau ku gengam dalam hijrahku?
Agarku dapat gengammu kejanahNya.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Not enough ka?


After working two weeks without any off, then last Sunday is my time.
So, i thought i can rest for a full day duh.
Just makan, tidur, makan, tidur.
Don't blame me.
It's a best options ever that i needed.

But on Saturday night, my friend WhatsApp, that she wanna hang out with me.
Anyway, i owe her a birthday treat... like a month already.
Nak tak nak kena jumpa gak lah.
Wake up, wake up. Jangan malas.
And we makes a deal to meet on 10 am at KL Central.

That morning, pergi lah ke LRT from Damai to KL Central.
Not too crowded.
But seat is full. So i just stand at end of the train.
Where you can see the rail.
Because malas nak tengok orang keluar masuk, keluar masuk actually.
Yeah, likes few station to go...

Suddenly on the ride, after Masjid Jamek station to Pasar Seni...  
Something wrong with my body.
Not right in every part of it.
... I felt really cold.
Dizziness attacked.
My both hand became numb.
And my view are blurred.
Looks like no blood rush to my brain. Hypo!
I gonna faint, and i knew that.
But i tried to be stronger than the Hulk and think something positive.

Alhamdulillah, in a minutes. The train stop at Pasar Seni.
I quickly grab my bag, and took a seat there.
I inhale and exhale like there is no tomorrow.
Don't really care about people around me.
Or i missed only one station more to my destination.
I can't really move, just only can put my hand at my chest.  And continued to think anything positive.
I need saving those energy.
Or i will faint and there will a big trouble.

After five minute, the numb at my hand slowly dissapear.
My face bit warm.
But not to the dizziness. It became more and more stressing.
I'm ok with it. As long as there is no cold attacked like before.
I took out my water bottle and takes a few sip.
Badly, no candy in bag. Which i forget to top up after a month of Ramdhan.
Looks like i need that later.

I tried to stand up. Balance myself. And looks like i'm normal again. 
Alhamdulillah sangat.
And tak lama pastu, next train sampai. Banyak free seat, and i just go with it.
I can't cancel this appointmet.
Kesian pulak dia.
I just can say sorry to her because of the lateness.
Sempat beli slice of blueberry cheese cake from Secret Recipe's. Her favorite actually.
What a birhday celebratiuon without a cake right?
 Makan together, i belanja la kan. Promise is a promise. And we had a very nice day.
Because i can deal with the dizziness a bit.
I can do it!

She give me this present. So suprising! For Raya she said.
Very nice of you..
And it's a perfume. Thanks my friend.

Balik tuh, around 3 pm dah memang out.
Rasa exhausted gila. Dengan kepala pon berat semacam.
Jalan pon melayang-layang.
Balik rumah. Solat Zohor terus landoing atas katil.
I need my nap time really bad.

My health is decreasing. I donno why i get this cold attcaked again. Because, that morning, i already ate my breakfast. 
Two slice bread and few cereal. Not enough ka?
Hmmm... Memang suddenly benda ini. 
Last time kena ialah masa before Ramadhan.
Itu pon masa kat rumah.
Luckily rumah memang stored banyak food.
So, recover better.

And yesterday, Monday, my last day puasa enam. Alhamdulillah.
Even pagi-pagi lagi before masuk kerja tuh dah rasa macam-macam.
Well, i pass!
And now. Raya time.
Selamat hari Raya maaf zahir dan batin semua.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Can't i just be me?


When diorang said i'm too rough in certain thing, that i need to be a bit sopan about it.
I just...
Muka blurred.
Nak sopan cane tu?
And mostly, perlu ke?

My parents besarkan me to be an independent women.
Which i should not susahkan anyone includes them clearly.... My life visi dan misi.
So, here i am.
I protect what i should protect.
And be positive.
Be possible.
Be strong.
And bukan jadi hulk semata-mata.
Ada paham?

I pernah tried be the sopan they all ever wanted.
A year. Last year sebenarnya.
Which I stopped riding my bike.
Pakai jubah and skirt things.
Tak banyak carik gaduh.
And ada lembut sikit ar.
Tapi tetiba cam banyak sangat issue nya.
Nak cerita pon too personal.
So lama-lama macam, tak boleh jadik ni.
This is not me.
And this sort of problems is not going berterusan.
Boleh jatuh mental.
So i just be me .

Whatever they want to said, 
Can't i just be me?

If I did something wrong, please nasihat and tegurlah.
That I'm too rough and boleh bawak korang sentap menyentap ke kan.
Sebab my action is louder than my words.
Im not gonna perang mulut, tapi sedetik dua tibai je pan keras tu atas kepala.
Bagi concussion pastu amnesia, pastu baru korangnya otak centre sikit.
Heheheee ...

Friday, July 14, 2017

Close up with my adik


She and me is like, C nd S.
Crazy and simple.
And both of us are independent.
.... We support each other from the back.
Even  i know she always kikis my duit.
Yeah, itulah kegunaan seorang kakak yer.
But i still love her.
My adikkkk!

And we not duduk in same house. She now stayed at our house in Johor.
And me at KL.
Only Whatsapp adalah teman terbaik.
And from here we felt like, i touch you you poke me.

So i let you read our conversation.
In this very exclusive post.
Yang private sangat, kita keep close la yer.
So here we are.


Thursday, July 13, 2017

Big project: This is my decision


So, back to stories about
... My answer for that kind of question.

This big decision. Is from my own. I decided it.
And i'm willing to do it.

My first tought untuk pergi sana when i had that special dream. Which i already post in here long ago. Silalah selongkar balik kalau nak tahu.
Thats adalah titik perubahan untuk segalanya.
Where i started to think about the purposed of my life.
Which i wasted to much time, and i have to deal with it.
And then it changes me personally.

Hasil carian imej untuk weheartit

In my routinely baca Quran terutamanya. I not only baca, but i start to study every meaning.
In solat. Dah rajin pergi berjemaah. Beranikan diri pergi alone time subuh-subuh.
Kalau habis kes awal, kejar Magrib and Isyak berjemaah.
Sempat lagi, gi majlis agama. Tambahkan ilmu.
If that month i'm not too busy, i penuhkan dengan berpuasa.
Full it with amalan baik, Banyakkan buat charity, And think and also care about others. Even they only your friends. Pray for them too.
Also in my cara berpakaian jugak.

With all these, it doesn't bother me. But mostly, i felt happy.
That, this is what i should do actually.
From the beginning.
Alhamdulillah, Allah still give me a reality hope.
And I'm only His slave.

This plans, I nak visit rumah our Creator, Allah, dan para nabi kan. Pengalaman yang paling menerujakan sangat.
My top bucketlist!
So. Hal duit ni belakang kira.
Fikirlah. Rezeki Allah ada dimana-mana.
Masa muda, ada tenaga nilah gunakan sebaiknya.
Mantapkan iman. Manfaatkan masa sebaiknya. Worthy!

Pemikiran gini patut diterapkan dalam community.
Buat dia as a perkara wajib.
Baru lah mereka yang muslim tahu the purpose of life.
Nak kejar duit pon dengan maknanya.
Baru berkobar-kobar semangatnya.

Just my twenty cent comment.

Ajal maut di tangan Allah, so mana tahu umur tak panjang. At least kita dah tunai apa yang kita patut buat as a hamba Allah.
Moga Allah merahmati kita semua.
Sambung in next post.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Cereal and Me


Nampaknya this coming months sampai next year. InsyaAllah.... cereals are going to be my BFF.
Not only for breakfast, snack time but for dinner and maybe lunch.
Sebab i like those, more than rice right now and ianya sangat senang dimakan.
Agak-agak boleh consider acceptable tak my appetite nih?
Ada yang akan kecam?

Nih bukan part melupakan asal usul but more pada ikut tekak sendirik.
And don't worry, I'm fine.

I just missed my family!

Selain cereal, i still attached to bread. Oat sihat from my friend. And of course more buah buahan.
Fiber kena ada gak.
Untuk tak de lah tinggal rangka je nanti, i will make sure... dalam a week tu ada lah tiga empat kali kena makan nasi full set.
Or at least Mc Donald porridge.
Remind me please.

Honey star and Coco crunch ni brand normal yang kena ada.
My stock for it dah full, time Ramadan masa tu. 
Siap ada banyak lebih.
Kat my department ada two on standby and kat rumah always two jugak. 
So memang perfect la kan.

Ni food fav sampai la terikut-ikut balik Raya masa tu. 
Orang shopping baju raya, i busy tolak trolley carik creal.
Sampai empat box on standby.
Lastly, anak sedara yang pakat habiskan.
Berhuhu jela.

So, nampaknya memang tak payah diet.
And kena more light exercise.

Next year big project make me so awesome!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

He's sick


Yesterday my colleague yang sakit came in.
Dia fill up dia punya Mc and everything.
Settle apa yang patut sebab dia akan sambung cuti lagi.

So the atmosphere time dia ada kat satu bilik tu akan terus changed.
And everyone looks tried to avoid him.
I feel pity for him.
Sangat kesian.

But come on lah, we all know he's a good man.
And, I know dia punya diagnose disease tu boleh berjangkit.
Dia dah wear mask kot.
Precaution untuk dia dan all of us.
And he's not coughing kan masa tu,

They all still pertikai droplet can out from side of that mask. 
And they don't want be a next victim.
Can he work again?
Better not be in a same team with him.
And ....blah. blah. Blah.
So unfair duh.

Macam lah they all tak pernah stroll around in public.
Berselisih dengan lots of disease surround us. Tu lagi dahsat but we're ok kan.
Just in case someone coughing.
Batuk sikit jer.
And we pon tak avoid kan.
So why bother melampau pada colleague sendirik?

People always weird.
And judge tak bertempat.

I pray he recovery fast.
Always be sihat.
And shut down all the mulut-mulut here.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Tangkap belalang


So, back to Raya time masa i still at Johor.
Time tu nak keluar beraya, semua dah siap-siap.
Then tinggal budak-budak nilah.
Diorang main kat luar.

Jengah-jengah, they all tengah tangkap belalang.
Sekor pon tak dapat.
Vogue je lebih dengan jaring, balang bagai.

Then datanglah aunty dia yang cute nih.
Gi situ, tolong tangkap kan tiga empat ekor.
Apa barang pakai jaring semua.
I pakai tangan ok.

Then, siap semua tangkap.
Ajak they all shower, and later baru boleh tengok belalang tu semua yang da secure in balang dengan jaring as penutup.
Sila tepuk tangan,
Sebab ada aunty yang hebat nih.

Lets get your kids enjoy the grass, sand and all of it.
Biar kotor pon tak pe.
Pastu mandi lah.
Baru la menarik childhood depa!
= )

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Hadiah Raya


Sorry senget pulak gambarnya. Nak betulkan malas.
Anyway, ni my doc bagi before Raya. So sebabkan cuti awal. Raya keempat baru ambil.
So cute and interesting!
Dalam dia ada kuih raya empat balang yang cute bangat!
Thanks doc.
Selamat Hari Raya maaf zahir dan batin.

Monday, July 03, 2017

Raya. Raya. Raya.


Alhamdulillah. Tahun nih diberi kesempatan cuti lama lagi untuk part Raya.
And Alhamdulillah jugak sebab cuti nilah banyak dapat tolong mak ayah prepared apa yang patut.
Banyak kena buat ohkey.
Phone pon tak sempat nak jengah apatah lagi nak dok depan Tv layan drama Tamil.
Jeling pon idoookkk.

Part kena gosok langsir, paling tak terdaya. Daripada 0730 am sampai pukul 0300 pm baru siap.
Ni berpeluh bacin semualah.
Nasib ada fresh air yang pump every beberapa minit tu. Tak dolah kepam bau rumah tu. Hahhah.

Pastu vacumm karpet. Nih surrender gila. Tak buat pon.
My adik and kakak yang buat. Korang tahu diorang buat bila?
Masa pagi raya, and siap before orang lelaki gih masjid untuk sembahyang Raya!
Hebat tak?
Fast and furious gamaknya lah.

And part masukkan kuih raya dalam balang, nih i did.
Senang jer.
Sumbat selagi boleh.

Pastu teman beli baju Raya. Oleh sebab, tau jem and takde parking lain dah.
Gi parking bawah pokok. Balik shopping, habis my car kena tahi burung.
Ceret ke apa burung tu semua?
Nak drive pon geli tengok meleleh jer kat cermin dashboard tu.
Pastu sebelum balik pukul 1100 malam, gih car wash sebab takut kena parang dengan ayah.

Lain-lain tu banyak nak stories.
Macam lepak depan rumah tengok diorang bakar duit, main mercun. Pong pang. Pong pang.
Kami men bunga api jer. 10 sen 20 sen jer bakar. Jimat. Jimat.
Lagi, layan anak buah men keyboard.

Belajar dengan diorang buat pizza sosej, pastry nutella sendiri.
Spaghetti bolognese gak.
Haru biru pon lantak lah kan.
Janji bonding time, achieved.

Time before raya sempat gak hulur tak seberapa untuk charity part kat sekolah terdekat.
Anak-anak yatim. Selamat hari Raya buat mereka.
You're stronger than you think ok.

Lima beradik dalm keluarga kami.
Memang kebetulan pulak tema pestel-pestel color nak dekat-dekat sama gituh.
Link mind kuat.
Hidup gegirl!

Kemuncaknya, time petang nak Raya.
Nih, just ambil port untuk cutting apa yang patut. Tak involved dalam any nak bagi tips or resepi.
Sebab mereka masak lagi sedap daripada me.
Jujur. Tak riak.
Antara lauknya, ayam masak merah. Kuah kacang. Lodeh, rendang.
Tak masak banyak pon.
Sebab Raya kedua dah breakfast Paratha. Hahhaha...
Tambah.tambah.tambah. Jangan malu-malu. Ohkey.

Thank you emak jahitkan my baju raya.
So comfortable like always.
You're the best tailor ever!

So tu jela kot. Ada lagi, kita jumpa next post.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Kuih raya 2017


Citer pasal cuti Raya lagi best kan. Sebab mood Raya still on.
So, as i took a week and a half untuk Raya jer. Banyak benda memang boleh buat.
Sampai tak terdayalah.
Cuma tulah, satu jer dalam banyak-banyak list yang tak tertunai.
Beach part!
Tak sempat nak gih pantai... huhuhuuu.
Sebab busy benor.

Dah busy dengan buat kuih raya berjenis-jenis. Itu amik masa at least sampai pukul 0200 pm.
Pastu zohor, nap jap, and gih pi pasar nak beli lauk untuk berbuka.
Balik pasar, kena masak.
Lepas buka, tak boleh buat apa sebab time nih wajib buat acara kacau my adik and anak buah.
Gaduh-gaduh sayang. Korek hidung berjemaah. Paksa lipat baju. Pakat tarik tudung.
Pastu bunga api time. Hehhehe.

Hahahhaha. Kasut pon terbalik Peah oi.
Takut mercun ar tuh.

So, adalah macam-macam kejadian kuih Raya yang terhasil.
Ada kuih semperit dahlia kesukaan ayah. Nih limited gila. Dapat tiga balang jer. 

Pastu ada kuih tart nenas fav my abang, 
Nih doh dia ada lebih... gi bantai buat daisi jem blueberry. Dengan jem yang senget benget bagai. 
Ada hangus sikit ar. 
Ingat kalau tak laku, nak sedekah kat ayam belakang rumah boleh diorang jamu kat kengkawannya.
Tapi, habis masa first Raya. 
Huahuahua. Siapalah pandai pikat hati i nih.
I like.

Pastu ada kerepek pisang my emak, penat sagat slice-slice tuh. Memang homemade betul.
Ada gak red valvet cookies resepi kakak nombor dua. Nih lagi kedekut. Sebalang jer. 

Almond london permintaan kakak yang first. Permintaan jer, tapi yang buat siapa? Adik dia jugak. Haish.
Untuk bebudak ada popia nestum. Yang nih time tu gak habis. Tak boleh kata apalah.
Budak nilah habiskan. Pastu senyum-senyum muka innocent, nasib cute.

Malas layan dak kecik nih.

Dodol. Kerepek and lain-lain kuih, beli jelah. Buat yang wajib jer.
Tak larat benor dah.
Perkakas boleh kept siap-siap, sebab tahun depan kita sambung buat yer.

My house memang camni. Kami love buat kuih raya sendirik. 
First sebab we're comfortable this way.
Second sebab boleh adjust sukatan. Bab tang gula paling penting. Diabetis genes.
Third sebab bonding time more lagi.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Sambung busy


I thought before nak cuti Raya jer i busy, sanggup oncall. Post call. Oncall. Sambung post call. Cuti weekend, sambung oncall lagi.
Belum bab tolong cover untuk stay back team yang kena balik lambat.
Sampai my colleagues pon risau tengok my roster dah berconteng macam-macam colour.
Tutup lubang sana, tutup lubang sini.
Itu belum face to face dengan empunya badan. 
Dah serupa binik si Shrek duh.

Bila ingat counting days nak cuti seminggu lebih time tu, sebab mau celebrates Raya. 
I sanggup ohkey.
Ikhlas. Ikhlaskan diri.
Nak wat camna, even jual dah my oncall, and hari kena stay balik lambat tuh kat orang lain.
Tapi dah Allah tetap nak bagi rezeki lebih tu datang.
Terima jela. Alhamdulillah.
Orang mintak tolong. Soh tolong cover.
I do what i can... lah kan.
Mana tau time kita susah, ada orang sudi tolong balik.

Then, nih after i naik Raya.
Still Allah nak gak bagi rezeki lebih lagi.
Marilah kita cover mengcover.
Alhamdulillah sangat.
Ni nanti boleh lah buat duit jajan untuk my next year big project!
And sorry for those invitation untuk rumah terbuka, or vise versa.
Memang tak dapat join sebab straight two weeks I'm packed.
Oncall yer.
Sorry again.

If kat Johor bit lazy nak gih beraya-rayan nih.
Kat KL Allah bagi rezeki gih soh ngadap kerja. Hah. Hamekkk....

My colleague pon ada tegur.
Dib, are you human or not? Cover semua oncall and yellow orang. Biar betul. Better take care for yourself, makin kurus nengoknya. Takut badan tak terbawak bebannya.
Even single. Bujang. Pon still kena ada life tau. 
Tu dia, kena nasihat. Insaf jap.
Touching duh.
Thanks my friend.
I will tried to say no next time, insyaallah.
... Not promise.

She still donno that i also need to cover another job than as a scrub nurse this month roster.
Stnadby sebab ada dua orang cuti on another anesthesia part. Heheehee.
Ni kalau dia tahu. 
Mau berlarian lah keliling bilik bedah!

As you know me, i cepat kesian kat orang. I can't say no.
I tried, but i can't.
Just because i tolak, ada orang lain kena susahkan diri. Bersalah pulak rasa.
So just ikhlaskan diri jelah.
Ucap Alhamdulillah.
Apa susah.

Anyway, rajin-rajin pon. I still ada cuti ohkey.
Don't worry.
I ada conference nak kena attend masa hujung bulan July. Nih boleh cekau makan banyak. Rest lebih.
And in three days row and ada satu cuti bonus sebab ada PH time tu.
Claim. Claim. Claim.
And mostly, i will off for a week again at the end of August.
Yahooo. Sampai national day, sampai Raya Haji.
Hamekkk. Dapat ke tak tak taulah.

Ok. Cayokkkk!
= )

Friday, June 30, 2017

I'm back


Hai semua. Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf zahir dan batin!
I'm back with new spirit. yelah lama dok cuti kat kampung tuh. Seminggu lebih dok memerap kat Johor.
Heaven gila.
Tapi satu jelah bucket list yang tak tertunai. Beach part. Bulan Ramadhan tu jangan cakaplah busy macam mana.
Dah beraya pulak gi sana sini... mana nak sempatnya gi pantai?
Ni kena sambung next balik kampung. August season!!! Yeah.

So, nih dah balik KL, sambung kerja, oncall and buatlah kes. Semangat teruih.
And from now on dah kena rajin sikit update blog.
Sebab dah lama sangat skip days. Sorry.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Selamat bercuti Raya!


Gonna missed this part of me. See you in after Raya all.

I will off for a week for cuti Raya. Yeah i took a pre Raya leave guys.
Sebab i like more pre part than a post part.
Dah memang daripada dulu memang gini.
Leader tak bagi, tetap nak cuti gak.
Like i cares?
Lama dah tak balik Johor. tau.

Ambil pre banyak bestnya.
Macam-macam boleh treasured,
Sahur mesti make sure my emak kejut. Makan nasi time sahur. Kena makan sayur. Nih wajib.
Pastu biasa tak tidur dah sebab kacau anak buah semua suruh bangun!
Hhahahhaha.... dah gini, kena la spent time dengan diorang sampai paginya.
Teman diorang main basikal.

Rajin sikit sapu sampah.
Ajak anak buah siram pokok bunga.
And mandikan diorang. Sebab confirm semua basah dah main air.
Make sure diorang ambil breakfast pastu.

Sebab kan tak payah masak lunch.
Bolehlah plan ank shopping Raya ke apa kan.
Or beli lauk untuk masak buka.

Untuk berbuka kami semua like makan kat rumah.
Senang dengan adanya budak-budak kan.
Selasa lagi satu.
Sebab boleh kejar Magrib and terawih.

Ambil pre ni pon.
Nanti boleh lah focus on hujung-hujung solat Terawih, kejar malam Lailatul Qadar.
Banyakkan amalan.
Banyakkan tolong parents.
Kemas store. Kemas backyard sekali.

And boleh tolong buat kuih raya.
Boleh tolong anyam ketupat.
And gak, prepared untuk juadah raya.
Huishhhh, best moments semua nih.

Tahun depan tak tahu camna.
Ada lagi tak merasa Ramadhan Syawal ni semua.
So spent wisely dengan family selagi boleh.

Selamat bercuti Raya semua!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Mereka dan mereka


I found this on Facebook. And if this is a fake article, I'm sure it still a reality in some place.
Why i said like that?
Sebab this is how dhunya right now.
Can't you see it ...
Messy, and no sense of humanity.
Pretty sad actually.

People should care to each other. Make a strong community. Strong Islam.
Untuk sama-sama patuh pada setiap urusan Allah.
Barulah keagamaan dunia itu memandang kita pada tarafnya.
Majority dan teguh.
Itu baru betul.
Baru proud of.

Ini tidak, sedekah sikit pon merunggut.
Pastu tak jujur. Biarpon Allah itu Maha Melihat. Subhanallah.
Most tragik, suka berbalah sesama Islam. Lagi-lagi jenis tegur tak bertempat. Dan yang mendengar pulak jenis cepat melenting.
Sifat sabar, gone forever.
Muhammad tak ajar ini semua. Masyaallah.

Geleng kepala.
Sampai bila tak ke mana la nampaknya.

Kesian tau. Bila tengok atau baca artikle jenis macam ni.
Bawak balik mayat ahli keluarga sendiri naik basikal, or bawak balik through jalan kaki sampai rumah.
Korang tak terfikir ke?
Tak rasa?
Sepanjang dia bawak si arwah berapa kali dia menangis?
Berapa kali dia disuntik kekuatan hidup?
Mereka orang yang tabah.
Dan terpilih.

I pray all of you. Me. Us. Always be fair to each other.
Every single thing we do, dalam masa yang sama appreciate every single people around us.
And who not around us.
May Allah bless them.
= )

Salam Ramadhan dunia.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Peah di pasar raya

Budak kecik nih memang. Asal kaki dia jejak kat lantai jer. Asal berkasut.
Di punya hyper-excited mau patah kaki nak kejar.
Bila my adik sent me this pix.
I just fuh. Mau dia bawak kesot-kesot bakul tuh satu pasar raya.
Bukan tahu penat pon budak teot nih.
Nanti la bila i arrived kampung. I know what to do.
Kita tickle dia. Serangggg!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Something personal


I donno how to react when someone need my opinion about something personal in his life.
Like... dude, we're living with people.
People always weird.
And always be weird.
Forever and ever.

Even dia dah jadik your halal partner.
Korang akan still tak paham dengan perangai dia.
Sebab masing-masing have own perception and thought.
Even bad habits too. Yang maybe diorang rasa, benda tu biasa but not to us.
And kita tak boleh nak sekat semua tuh.
Nak ubah pon take time lah.

So, nak replied in my point of view about those topics tuhhh rasa macam... camna ek.
Sebab. You know me.
I'm not married yet.
Partner pon masih tengah tunggang terbalik nak carik nih.
Nak borak lebih pasal this important part memang tak ada experience sangat duh.
But, what can i said, for this condition are...
Discuss la dengan cara yang baik.
Open table, curhat segala isi hati apa yang tak puas hatinya.
Like me, I'm the person yang jenis tak kisah in everything. As long as i think benda tu boleh consider, so just move on.
Let my partner be what he want to be. Lantak dia lah.
I don't mind.
Tapi kena bagi se-das sarcastic ayat sikit ar. Biar sekat sikit gilanya. Kan.

To my friend, and korang luar sana yang ada probs dengan partner.
Again i said, cer bawak bincang.
And be fair.
May Allah bless you and your partner.

Oh Du-duri-an


Ni story about minggu lepas or minggu lepas satu lagi.
Pasal durian.
Oh duri-an.

Time puasa makan durian?
No hal.
Janji perut tak full gila masa berbuka.
Tu penting.
So time nak tunggu untuk durian mai. Gilah buat solat Isyak, terawih dulu.
Ala-ala exercise, so perut ada space ank makan durian plak.
Then, nanti lepas makan boleh jump terus on bed.

And nasib ada sponsored by my doc.
Huhuhuuuu... mekasihlah.
Dekat 400 hengget la semua yang my friend beli.
Boleh beli emas bling-bling jap.

Bila makan durian kat KL nih teringat nikmatnya makan durian kat kampung nun.
Kampung tuh free je.
Fresh pagi-pagi kutip durian jatuh daripada pokok and time tuh gak nak makan terus,
Apa nak kira kalau breakfast makan durian?
Barulah Malaysia nama dia.

Missed my family!
Can't wait to meet them!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Iftar: PCMC


Yeah. Seperti yang di promised. Ni la post about iftar PCMC pulak.
Kami buka puasa di T'mor Place.
Tempat my doc punya restaurant.
Dia belanja makan free for our department.
Thank you very much yer.
Semoga selalu murah rezekinya.

And i met baby Nana here!
Besar dah dia.
Huhuhuu... Touching. Suka dia makan kurma. Habis satu bijik.
And, nak susu tak babe?
Hhahahhah... mahu kena lempang dengan my friend.

There she is. Pakai baju kurung merah gituuu... anak dara hang dah noh.

Sini, tak ramai yang attend.
First sebab yang non muslim seganlah la ape la.
And second ramai balik kampung sebab cuti panjang kan.
And maksudnya kena telan semua makanan yang ada.
Ini kena tengok perut. Sanggup ke tak. Hhhahhahah...

Ada dua jenis nasik. But i preferred nasi putih.
Ada ikan goreng. Lauk kambing. Ada udang. Which skip dulu. No meds.
And acar.
Tekun asing dia punya bawang. Hehehhe...
And lots of dessert!

Muka orang malas nak ambil gambar. Don't mess with me.

I likes otak-otak. Sate dia. Marvellous!
Pulut panggang. And bubur. Ni sambung part two. Makan kat bahagian luar.
Lepas main mercun!
Gian duh.
Sabar jela nanti main kat kampung.

And air laici. Must ordered nih.

Borak-borak and on the way balik, dioarang beria-ia nak gih Jalan TAR?
I just a what?
Gila. Crowded kot tempat tuh.
Dengan jubah? Mau kena pijak je la kainnya nanti.
Like nak sekeh je sorang-sorang.
Nasib terus balik rumah.

Thanks again doc!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Iftar: Geng Sime Darby


Salam Nuzul Quran semua. 
Hahahaa. Baru ada kesempatan nak update.
Sorry lorh.
Sebab banyak pulak kne cover oncall orang lain. 
Ikhlaskan je hati sebab pikir nak cuti seminggu kan... Pastu lantak koranglah nak tunggang terbalik.

Alhamdulillah. Even gitu,
Time post call after habis kerja. Sempat join iftar mane-mane program.
And one yang penting adalah iftar dengan budak spital lama. Sime darby punya team.
Ini aktiviti wajib setiap kali Ramadhan.
Sebab hari lain punyalah susah nak join makan or gih mana-mana event.
So time puasa bit must have.

And memangkan time area pukul dua petang. Panas. So malas nak bawak motor.
Naik LRT, jump ke KTM.
Turun Kepong dan naik Uber.
Sampai sana. Ramsay Sime Darby Park City... banyak perubahan dah.
Makin lawa gituh.

And sempat la jumpa few friends yang semestinya tak dapat join sebab oncall and some doc.
Diorang risau tengok i makin kurus.
Replied je, cakap penat sangat. Makan pon tak lalu.
Dan borak sampai pening.

Asar kat sana and terus siap-siap gerak ke tempat nak buka puasa.
Nasib tak jammed sangat.
Kami berbuka di Kelab Golf Abdul Rahman, rasa nama tempatnya camtu lah.
And tiba-tiba segan sebab ramai yang in ootd dengan baju melayu, jubah and baju kurung bagai.
Kami sempoi je pakai macam nak pergi bazar Ramadhan gamaknya.
Tapi ada kami kisah?

And lauknya semua sangat debom. Sangat.
Ada grill. Manisan part. Ada western. Lemang. Memang best gila.
Buka jer, semua terkam makanan bagai tak ingat dunia.
My friend sanggup tolak kurma sebab lebih sayangkan lamb chop steak dia.

Before melantak sangat, kami plan makan sikit.
And terus Magrib dulu.
Sebab nak lepak sampai kembung after that.
Ni baru betul friendship goal kan?
The best!

And telekung tuh, siap-siap bawak.
Sebab biasalah tahu nak kejar Asar Magrib kan.
So, mana tahu my friends semua buat kerja gila nak solat tepi jalan ke.
I'm prepare oh key.
And shared la dengan budak-budak nih yang nak pakai.
Bagi owner sebenar dia pahala bnayak sikit.

And you know what, sempat i cilok lauk daging masak hitam mereka yang awesome.
Sebab ada bawak tupperware satu, bekas buka cenkodok semalamnya.
Rezeki la namanya kan.
Muka innocent la time masukkan lauk tuh.

Pastu balik, ingat nak naik train. Pastu jump LRT.
Tapi dah malam gila, kol 10.00 nak ke 11.00.
Keretapi pon tunggu-tunggu tak sampai-sampai.
Lastly decided naik Uber jer.

And dapat Uber lelaki. Mula-mula rasa takut gak. Tapi after screenshort dia punya plate no and contact no. to my friend. 
Rasa ok sikit.

Rasa nak lempang diri sendiri sebab tak merempit petang tuh.
Redha sangat lah. Dia nak charge beratus pon sanggup lah.
Janji sampai rumah.

Ni kalau my emak tahu ni, mahu dia rantai satu bulan soh dok umah.
Sorry ma.
Tak nak la susahkan my friend suruh hantar. Sebab nanti kesian pulak dia balik sorang-sorang.
Dia pon perempuan.
Logik tak.

And next post, pasal PCMC iftar plak.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

What kind of hadiah?


This coming june, 12th is my friend birthday. 
And still tak ada beli apa-apa lagi.
I donno what types of present i gonna be prepare for her. Apa agaknya ek?
Sebab bukanlah pro in this thing kan.
Takut salah beli pulak.

She is a Russian women.
She like something simple, and treasured.
And don't like any expensive things.
Ni i like about her. Tak demand tinggi.

And i just think i can go to the Kraf Raya sale and bought her something from there.
Because you know...  tourist... and art.
Seems like a good idea kan.

Monday, June 05, 2017

Jemput-jemput pisang


Jemput-jemput pisang name is not so cool as Johorean always called this foods... cenkodok.
So we knew that ianya adalah something from pisang.
And untuk nama jemput-jemput adalah plain color with ikan bilis and bawang semua tuh.
Yang ini, bila dapat... cicah pulak dengan sambal kicap. Panas-panas.
Fuh. Terangkat
That's why i loved my negeri.

Our backyard memang luas.
Ada tali air and paya bagai.
Ada gak pelbagai jenis pokok. And pokok pisang adalah yang paling senang berbuah.
Sebab tu berderet jer... pokok pisang ni pon macam-macam jenis.
Pastu kena make sure daun-daun kering nya selalu kena cut off. Biar ia tmbuh sihat dan kuat!
Nak explain pon bukanlah pro sangat.
Janji boleh makan, i like.

Kena tengok gak ada yang sesuai untuk buat pisang goreng, kerepek pisang or cenkodok.
And my emak always make all of it for her kids masa kami kecik dulu.
As breakfast or untuk minum petang.
Oh, so lovely lah bila dok rumah kampung.

Siapa yang tak pandai masak benda alah ni, boleh lempang diri sendirik.
Jahat pulak tetiba rasa.
Sebab it's so simple. Easy and sedap.
Bab berminyak tuh, normal la.

Anyhow. Today, I would like ajar korang masak this dessert lah.
Senang jer.
And my resepi memang no measurement ok. Sebab rasa poyo sangat bila letak semua tu.
Mau my emak gelak guling-guling kalau dia baca ni.
Tak sanggup.

Just make sure ada pisang, tepung, garam sikit and minyak.
Then here we go.

Pisang tu asingkan kulit and isi.
Dah siap, gih lenyekkannya.
Ikot koranglah nak blend ke, lenyek pakai cawan ke spatula ke.
Janji benda tu hancur.
Then, baru masukkan tepung gandum plain dengan garam secubit.
Ni kena ikut deria rasa yang tinggi. And cara gaul yang berkesan.
Adunan jangan so cair, or keras. Sedap-sedap jer.

And ada soh letak majerin, tepung beras,  telur, or baking powder.
Ni ikut suka korang lah.
Kakau tak letak tak pe, tak disabitkan mandatory seumur hidup pon.

Siap semua. Baru panaskan minyak yang memuatkan cenkodok ini boleh tenggelam.
Sebelum masuk dalam kuali, minyak make sure betul-betul panas. Baru dapat kruih. Kruih. Krui. Nya...
Jangan lupa balik-balikkan and bila dah cukup masak. 
Tos dulu and put inside bekas yang ada kitchen towel alas.
Serap minyak sikit.
Pastu baru pindah in another bekas paling debom yang korang ada.

Anak Kak Her, Zara said she liked my cenkodok!
And silalah hidangkan ini dengan teh panas.
Almaklumlah, kopi tak minum.

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Kraf vs Mood Republik Raya


Bila dekat nak Raya nih. Banyaklah sale yang melanda.
Nih yang bikin hati tak keruan. 
Mula nak buat kira-kira paling tak masuk akal.
Sampai budget pon ada lari gituuu. 
Huhu la kita ramai-ramai.

As Kraftangan Raya sangat dekat dengan my hospital. I still tak berkesempatan pergi ke sana.
I decided if gih pon i will not spent anything there. Just round cuci mata.
Tengok all those amazing homemade yang diorang pamer.
Kagum dalam menahan diri sendirik. You know how hard it is?
Tapi you can do it girl.
Sebab i want my money spent wisely and that goes to Mood republik Raya.
Sorry deh.

Mood republik cam biasa kat Pwtc. Mesti crowded gila.
Demi baju Raya, redah jela kan. 

I plan mau gih masa hari sabtu or ahad. That day yang sepatutnya i dah get ready to balik Johor. Tapi melencong jap.
Sebab nak borong baju raya sehelai dua.
Tumpang sekaki for my younger sister and my emak satu gak.

I hope they provided lots of pastel color in baju Raya. My fav ever!
Yang mana less lace, less labuci diamond bling-bling semua and those drama.
Barulah happy i nak shopping.
Sebab i minat yang simple yet beautiful.
And if some shawl yang jual murah. I will go with it too.
Ni tengok budget.
And kasut tak dilupa. Tapi kasut lama quite ok. Nih standby list.

And also baju for my ayah.
He will kecik hati if my emak je dapat.
I will make sure he will get something from me.
I promised to you ayah.

Excited yet cemas sebab terpaksa withdrawal money from emergency fund.
Nanti i ganti balik ok.
Sorry sir.

This is gardenia chocolate bread with kismis.
One day, it looks like this.
Hebat betul my imagination, kan.

Friday, June 02, 2017

He and his drama


I donno is it my fault or not.
Or he always memang camtu. Dengan those drama.
Dan again, we don't talked anymore.

... Last two days, my colleague tak dapat buat oncall. Kesian dia, sakit. Cepat baik yer!
And someone yang rajin buat oncall, he can't do it on that day.
So, he asked for my help.
And we discussed and I volunteered to do it. Ikhlas sangat time tu. Tak ada keraguan.
Betul-betul ikhlas. Ok.

Time diorang asked for my help is around 1130. Duty start at 1200 pm.
Nak balik rumah jap nak ambil barang pon serba salah. And malas. Nasib ada spare banyak inside my locker.
Then tiba-tiba teringat I don't have any foods untuk berbuka.
My friend suggest soh gi ordered cepat dengan dia.
She said menu hari tuh ialah some crab with pau or rice things.
And I agree. And i ambil nasi with crab.
You remember this.
Nasi with crab.

Tak lama pastu, my friend from different department whatsapp me. Dia nak set date untuk buka sama. And after few chat. Kami dah capai kata sepakat.
And you know what, rupanya dia pon oncall jugak time tu.
And i said, tolong hantar some lauk buka sikit. Sebab she said her father akan hantar nanti petang.
Ngecek sikit jer.
I just want lauk jer. Dia pon tak kisah.

Sebab my plan ialah... rice with crab yang i ordered. I will paid macam biasa.
But i just took the nasi and tukar dia punya lauk.
Lauk from my friend tuh.
Crab tu plak. Just bagi la kat anyone yang nak, kan. Siapa tak nak chilies crab meals yang gojes meliur tuh.
Because i can take risk makan crab time oncall. Mau allergic, siapa baik hati nak tolong cover?
Ubat pon hanya ada kat rumah.
Big no duh.

And masa tengah update, pindah-pindah set untuk kes on the next day. Dia datang to me.
He said, he got a problem with the menu list. Some changes lah.
Nak tukar my nasi with pau.
Time tu teringat balik that my friend cakap mak dia masak ikan goreng sort of thing.
Imagine. Ikan goreng dan pau.
I just can smile to myself.
And i said, tak pe. I don't mind. I just paid. Tak ada food, pon takpe.
Tak kisah.
Even rasa nak menangis pon ada.

Pastu dia pon cakaplah, tak akan dia nak makan two set plak.
Thats my set. And i should take it.
Ceh, bukan dia ni jenis kaki makan before ke? Rasa bersalah lah tu.
And whatever it is, i ulang banyak kali... i said. Tak pe. I really tak kisah. Dia nak bagi pau with crab. Tak kisah.
I don't mind.
Kalau tak bagi that food pon takpe.
Yelah, ada pernah nampak orang makan pau kosong dengan ikan goreng?

Then, after few minutes.
I terus terang cakap, that actually i dah ada my own lauk buka puasa.
Which I really don't want to tell to anyone. Includes him.
Bila i said like that, dia terus silent and nak blah daripada situ.
Which i don't aspect dia kan response cam tu.
I tried to catch him. Grab that blue scrub suit. You know, but he's stronger than me.
And he said, lain kali tak payah order dengan dia. Menyusahkan. 
And the door is broken.

I just kept pandang that door.
Until my friend nak bukak pintu ambil barang.
Pastu pintu tak boleh bukak.
And we pull and push, and i repaired it myself. Because I'm the one responsible to it. Nak harapkan budak tu? Huh.
Nasib after few attempt, pintu tu da ok balik. Seriau gak.
My friend pandang pelik. Dah kenapa tanya dia.
Gaduh. I said. Cam biasa.

After i finished my task, i terus sent message my friend cakap i need a nasik with that lauk.
Sorry susahkan parents dia.
Nanti i paid.
And my friend, cakap, it's ok.
Nasib baik.
Love you lah, kawan.

I donno about my level of puasa  that day.
But Alhamdulillah i can still cool with those things.
And sebabkan kami sama oncall and I surely rasa that he doesn't want to see me. Bayang-bayang pon tak lah. Positive.
I spent my time dengan solat terawih and lots of recited Quran that night.
Lagi best.
Lagi best lagi, rasa macam malas nak tidur situ je. 
Tapi fikir not comfortable, tidur la atas sofa. 

Actually I don't like this kind of fight. 
Nak gaduh pon tak guna. Even rasa nak tumbuk je muka dia. 
But nak twist plot apa lagi la kan. Memang dah benda nak jadi.

Is it my fault? Yang i got my own lauk?
Should I cancelled at the first place, suruh my friend tak payah hantar?
And mostly, do i nih menyusahkan dia?
Kenapa dia camtu ek?

And fine, i will remember dia punya words. Jangan ordered anything from him.
Yeah pasti.
And most welcome sebabkan think that i burden you.
Baru sedar. 
Huhuhuuu.... I missed my family!

Anyway I will not gonna explain all this nonsense things to him.
Biarlah dia fikir camtu. I'm ok with it.
Believe me, i never simpan dendam to anyone. Or anything.
Just be matured. Be happy.
We don't know what time Allah will call me, you. 
Us to face Him.
Should i paid for that crab things? and Nak minta maaf if this is my fault? 
Perlu ke?
Anyway. Raya just around the corner
Selamat berpuasa. =)

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Talked about my hijab ,my style


Ramai yang tak puas hati with my style, sebab i prefer wore something yang loose.
Yang boleh muat another one two people in it.
Pastu dengan kain yang meleret since dulu.
That i still young, why not enjoy my life and wild.

I just okay with it.
Diorang nak cakap belakang, or i'm too Islamic much or whatever.
Like i cares?
Wrong person duh.
Sebab i tak pernah said anything about what they wore,
Not a bad things to it.
So why they like judging my clothes?

Come, i beritahu a bit what i want to sampaikan. Read carefully.
I don't like my curvy body. Each of it.
I don't even want to show it to any of you. No one. None.
And my long kain is because i don't like wore socks.
That's why i make it long and meleret.
To cover my feet.

Can you leave me alone?
You're not benefit at all to me.
Bad parasite.

But if it something useful to me. You can judge me.
Like one day i just wore my simple ootd.
With a long sea blue skirt and grey sweater and sneaker with navy blue scarf.
And in a lift, my colleague tegur me.
That i look so fine and why not tried labuhkan my scarf.
And i just smiled to him.

He said something right duh. This is a good judgement.
I memang terasa, rasa nak tumbuk je dia, but in positive way i respect him.
Thank you there.

That this is one thing yang dah lama i nak change. In my style.
Is it it is the right time.
Ramadan zone?

Soemetimes, we don't understand what people think.
What they're going through.
What we're going through is totally different.
Just be a someone good in soeone life.
Stop judging.
If you can't praised it.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Korea atau tidak?


My friend ada invite me gih join rombongan Cik Kiah ke Korea.
Next year, 2018 bulan August.
I said, on jela. But after beberapa days kebelakangan ini, which I'm not sure it's a good decision or not.
As my big project is early next year too.
Hurm. Walaupun jarak dia jauh, but still... still kena pertimbangkannya.
What should i do?

Korea is not in my bucket list to travel. Even diorang cakap best la ke apa.
Sebab I'm not fan of any Korean things.
Running man jelah i tahu.
Makanan diorang?
Lagilah out. 
Fikir-fikir, daripada Korea baik pergi Jepun. Islam kat sana lagi banyak.
Easy sikit nak dapat makanan.
And orangnya more courtesy gitu.

Pastu sambung fikir. Daripada gih Japan, why not travel to other Islamic region.
Middle east ke contohnya.
...  Iran is one yang most wanted place nak gih. Hah yang ni baru lah excited nak pack barang.Sebab sana Islam is major and just different in the Syiah things.
Mostly i think they are loveable.
And they're not what international news talked about.
Beza sangat. 
Palestine, Syria, Kuwait, Dubai, Turkey, Morocco and so on. Pon cam best.

Selain middle east, ada gak dream tempat mahal sikit macam Norway. Layan Faroe Island, or tour Europe ker kan.
Banyak sangat berangan nih.
Siapa nak sponsored?
BTW, Korea or not?
Not sure deh.
But i think it's a no.
How nak cakap kat dia ek?

And bila dah cacelled yang tu. 
Who's gonna be my travel partner in future? Nak travel solo, not in million years sebab pompuan kan. Mau kena culik? 
Of course if one day i do that, my emak and ayah will halang kat airport.
Nak buat drama leleh air mata ker kat sana?
Sebab diorang tahu i nih jenis gila sometime. Walau sempoi mana pon.
Suka ikut rasa hati sendiri. Sometimes degil banyak. They worried much about me.

And mostly i will not travel to the city and be in crowded place. Not ok.
But i will treasure their culture and art. Countryside yang boleh bring me closere to them.
And phenomena yang indah that will be capture in my new camera, one day duh.
One fine day.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Nenek tak sihat


Baru-baru nih my aunty post in Whatsapp family that our nenek tak sihat.
And my family decided nak melawat.
One day before puasa, sebab nanti Raya kami tak akan balik kampung sana.
Only after a week barulah Raya sana, sebab nak mixed dengan some wedding there.
My cousin punya.

I can't joined them sebab I'm oncall masa diorang on the way tu.
So just boleh pass some money untuk duit minyak and bit makan.
Salam and phone call je gak.
There go there dengan two cars.
And bawak bebudak sekali.
Meriah la tu.
Missed them so much.

And diorang pon snap gak some pictures. Sebab i paksa. Well, why not kan?
Looks she quiet well dah. Jumpa cucu, cicit.
Muka ada happy.
Orang tua. Biasalah.
Kena cared, treat them baik-baik.
Kenang jasa mereka.
One day, we in their shoes.
So ajarlah anak masing-masing the best dalam menghormati jasa orang tua.
Benefit pada diri sendirik jugak.

I paray my nenek the best.
And dapat puasa and terawih.
She is a good nenek and most lovely one.
Kept strong nenek!

Three kiddos in three ragam nya tersendirik

Missed lorh.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Bon appetite


Ada sekali my doctor kat department tanya after i makan nasi dagang free masa awal May tuh.
She said, you ada gain any weight tak since kerja sini?
Sebab i look you macam makin kurus.
Huh. Terkedu jap. Apa masalah pulaknya kan.
Then my friend yang beria-ia jawab.
Memang dia suka on behalf of me.
He is whatever la kan.
Terus gih keluar pantry, gih solat Zohor lagi baguih.

Baru-baru nih gak, my colleague said that my face look pale.
Dia dah banyak kali tegur, but i just ignore. Yelah muka orang tak suka make up. Serabut messy gitu.
But that day, dia face to face dengan me. Dia cakap dia serious.
Pucat gila.
Like anemic.
And i replied, i'm okay don't worried to much. 

I admit i'm too careful in my diet. Paranoid you can said. 
I donno, some food banyak ajinamoto kot sebab lepas makan mesti pening. Nausea. And plus I think I'm too tired. Dengan penat kerja. That's why i don't makan sangat.
Kalau dulu, penat mana pon. Breakfast wajib. Lunch is lunch. Dinner tetap ada.
Tapi sekarang, breakfast of course. Tapi lunch selalu jadik dinner.
So jadinya... makan dua kali tu jela satu hari.
And in between kalau lapar sangat. Selalu ngap biskut jer. Or chocolate bar.

And, not like I gila kurang makan. But if i'm in mood. And sangat lapar, you can see I boleh telan satu dulang punya orang.Tu maksudnya sungguh-sungguh lapar. 
And don't kacau me.
Tapi mostly, i prefer just makan half pinggan nasi. 
And if the foods so good macam mana pon. Gitu jelah kuantiti nya.

Ni puasa, my sahur. I prefer lots of water and dua, tiga biji kurma je.
Sebab malas nak heat up apa-apa.
And i tell you what. I ate a bowl of cococruch and milk for my first buka puasa baru-baru nih.
Sebab tu je i can accept.
If my emak tahu nih, mesti dia sedih. Sorry, ma. I tried. I promised.

And after terawih berjemaah and tahlil malam tuh, ada some moreh. No appetite at all. Tak makan lah.
Terus balik.
And second puasa, i tried treasure Bazar Ramadhan. Carik something yang kena dengan selera.
But i will tried soemthing light.
Because i hope the owner tak letak ajinamoto or any suspicious flavor.
Bon appaetite to me.

This kuih raya i can recomended for you. Sebab semua kiuh diorang fresh from oven. And they all so friendly.
Silalah jenguk-jenguk.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Kek buah


Homaii, lama gila tak update blog nih. Sorry duh.
And salam Ramadhan al Mubarak 1438H guys.
Okay. This is some refreshment from my life baru-baru nih.
Citer pasal makanan pulak kan, whatever...

Terus terang jelah. Since kecik. Memang tak suka gila pada kek buah. Korang bagi free pon tak akan makan lah.
Sentuh pon idok.
Sebab i knew, biasa kek tersebut memang sangat manis and ada buahnya lagi. Lagilah manisss.

But, two days ago. My perception tentang kek buah totally out.
And dah jadi fan pulak.
Sebab dah jumpa kek buah yang sedap. Tak manis sangat.
And so lovely.

Hasil carian imej untuk kek buah
Gambar daripada Google, sebab tak treringat nak tangkap pix. But exactly look like this. Kek buah, kukus.

Kakak kepada my friend dia jual.
One piece darab berapa kali berapa tak sure. In square tapperware.
I just paid Rm 30.00.
So, whatever murah ke mahal. But affordable to me.
Kek ni kek buah jenis kukus. Some said, susah nak buat dia. 
Dah sedap nak wat camna. Kan.
Owner cakap boleh tahan until six months. Tapi kalau tak habis, dema kat pantry department je.
Apa susah.

I also cut in small pieces and jadik juadah tukar-tukar kek dengan my friends.
And so far so good.
Dah habis. Licin.
Nak repeat order? Macam yes. 
Let's see jelah.
Ok. Bye.

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Pesta buku Pwtc 2017


I actually tak tahu pon about this event. Don't get any email duh.
Nak dikatakan rezeki tu ada...
Ahad tu my friend messege me, jadik kan pergi tahlil sama kat rumah one of my colleagues. Of course. Dia ni kan. Pancung gak.
So i rushed balik from rumah anak yatim. Siap-siap and naik LRT.
Tak payah la dia nak pick me, sebab i'm independant enough,

Sampai sana, dia tak gerak lagi. Dah la kami dah lambat. Haish.
Sebabkan dia lambat, semat berlari kejap gih KL Gateway and beli two swill rolls, ole-ole nak datang rumah orang.
And sampai je kami kat sana, semua dah siap. Orang semua dah makan.
Segannnn... terlepas satu lagi tahlil. You can checked in my previous post untuk tahu lebih lanjut.
Lauk dia sedap-sedap, but i'm not type yang makan banyak.
Mak dia pandang sayu je sebab i ate bit only.
Nasib my partner ni jenis makan banyak, bertambah-tambah.
Hahahhaha... cover terbaik!
Good duh.
Rasa bersalah sebenarnya.

Anyway, so after balik from that majlis, dia soh teman pulak gi sana-sini lah. And time ni lah baru tahu everything, about pesta buku, and dia nak pergi sana. With his father.
Dia pon invite me together lah.
Excited nak pergi jugak, boleh je ikut sama, but dah petang sangat.
And after few second, i decided... biarlah dia pergi dulu.

Tak sanggup nak menghadap crowded kat sana dengan baju yang kain dia meleret bagai.
Pastu nanti nak kejar Magrib and Isyak. Dah la tak bawak any bag.
Telekung apatah lagi.
Just sempoi dengan kunci rumah and some money in my baju yang kiri kanan berpoket.
And phone in hand.
Kept safe. Pergi esok jelah.

1st may, I'm free. 

Plan untuk celebrate birthday awal dengan kawan hospital lama, terbantut sebab my kawan semua oncall. Kahkahkah.
Nak wat camna.
Ni la padahnya bila terlupa nak apply cuti, and mesej kawan awal sikit.
Mereput la kat KL nih.

Olala. I like books!
Pesta bukunya sangat awesome. And puas hati gila.
But bit confuse sebenarnya and i think they should bagi maps kat pintu masuk utama. Senang.

Sebab i thought hanya ada level bawah je. Pastu jalan lagi, ada stage and tanya orang area situ, diorang cakap ada lagi kat atas, and tak payah daftar. Naik je.
Me pon, oh ya. Nasib tak balik terus tadi.
And kekadang ada rooms yang korang boleh terlepas pandang. Sebab banner dia ada yang terselindung.

Lots of discount and banyak sangat idea.
Ada more pada budak kecil, keagamaan, education budak-budak university.
So, kebanyakan booth yang i go. Semua thought me is a islamic student.
Maybe sebab me and my Adidas backpack.
And sebab tula i got one book for wanita in jawi version!
Rindu gila nak baca jawi weiii. 

And tak lupa diorang bagi exposed sekali to sejarah islam di Asia Tenggara. Best.

As my big project adalah next year. Nak gak beli kaitan dengannya.
About umrah books, tak banyak.
And boleh dikatakan hanya empat lima booth je.
Itu pon, not as i thought it will be
It's ok.

Total I spent, Rm 120.00.
Dengan sebelas buah buku.
Worth it.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Our belanja makan-makan


I'm getting older duh. More bucket-list to go!!

May is next week. Tinggal beberapa hari je lagi.
And it's my birthday.
Usually i will celebrate it with my family member.
Just cheer my parents sebab i know how hard diorang besarkan makhluk Allah yang tak seberapa ini.
Dengan degil, cam jantan, hidup ikut suka. And so on.
Tapi lastly i tried make them don't worry so much about me.
Cuma hal jodoh tu... nanti i tried cekau anak teruna orang ye.
August is my limit kan.

And because this year i can't make it.
Sebab terlupa nak apply cuti awal.
Padan dengan muka sendirik.
Yelah, ramai dah ambil direct cuti daripada hari pekerja.
So, kesian pulak nak susahkan orang nak change schedule.
Hanya boleh apply post call on that date.
Ok la, not bad.

So, bolehlah treat my self or i plan nak celebrate dengan anak-anak yatim tu sikit.
Maybe sempat ke tak.
If kena stay back. Berhuhu la kita.

So far, on Hari pekerja... which may be jadi or not.
As usual, celebrate dengan kawan kat previous hospital. Ni tak message diorang lagi.
Mana tau diorang nak gi picnic macam dulu-dulu.
Borak-borak, sleepover bagai.

And plan lain. Me and two other friends ada plan nak belanja our department makan-makan.
As simple as we can.
Yang ni progress story behind it memang lawak.
Dan sangatlah terima kasih kat owner dia.
Rasa bersalah pulak order ikut selera sendirik.
Even budget ciput gila.
Aim utama, roti jala je sebab teringin nak makan.

The rest, ada space sikit. Just spent time dengan Allah.
Berterma kasih padaNya, sebab atas semua kehidupan yang dilalui.

Lastly, i hope my colleague tak pedajal me!
Dengan all those kind of tepung or air ke.
Even ada pernah buat sekali dua kat bebudak ni gak. Rasa nak tarik balik je. Rasa-rasa diorang ingat lagi tak. Huhuhuuu...
Sebab scary duh. Even i looks cool enough.
If they still do, i promise i will hunt and kill them one by one.
I'm serious.
Kejantananku marathon and segala lompat jauh masa time sekolah rendah boleh terserlah tau.
Jangan play with me.
'Cause i can play better.

Takut tak?

Friday, April 28, 2017

Life is so sweet


Previous post i talked about my friend yang selalu bekalkan me something.
But, let me tell you a secret.
May be its Allah plan. I donno. He kinda wants me to be happy, hope so.
But i can said Alhamdulillah for semua ini.
Really Alhamdulillah.

Actually this week I always dapat free gift. Like everyday.
Interesting right?
Firstly, dapat lots of discount for my books, Pak cik owner bookstore bagi masa nak beli buku pasal Umrah and yang lain. Touching!
Then, free Mc Donald which makan sampai kenyang gila,
And satu bekas kek rainbow yang so sedap as my latest post.
Mak cik bakery pulak bagi free roti sampai dua.
And mak cik surau belanja kuih and mee berkuah yang of course my favorite type. Siap bungkus bawak balik.
Tak lupa, dapat free cookies kuih raya. Yummy.

And today, and seterusnya. Berserah jela.
Alhamdulillah again.
Rezeki melimpah.

For those yang bagi all those kind, yang absolutely make my day.
Terima kasih sangat-sangat.
Saya doakan,
Semoga sentiasa dirahmati Allah dan dimurahkan rezekinya lagi.

Anas said thank you jugak!
Buku dengan dia tak boleh berjarak, macam kakak dia si Cik Ziqa. 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Duplicated of her


I baked a butter cake yesterday.
And today i terima satu bekas rainbow cake di awal pagi
This is the life.
Eat. More. Cake. Eat. More. Cake.

She is a good friend of me.
She is from another department. But we are close enough.
And because of this, how i wish she is my neighbor one fine day.
Mesti bahagia lah. 
Ada orang hantar makan. Kan?
Yelah, if im a man, dah lama i purposed. Nauzubillah nak jadi lesbian.
Lempang nak?

Sebab kenapa i praised her? Sebab she always akan bekalkan me something.
Kek. Or any cookies and ada gak dengan lauk pauk bagai.
Where can i find a duplicated of her?
She is so amazing.

Our tukar-tukar makanan started from i give her my chocolate cake.
And her family love it so much.
Segan gak bila tahu dia bawak balik dengan kek yang tak seberapa itu.
Then, dia pon balas lah. And kami terus balas membalas.
One friend of her department pon sama.
Dia pon ada join sama gak.
So one versus two.
Peluh gak dahi pikir nak balas apa.

Satu lauk yang make me so touching adalah apabila the next day I'm oncall after received a bad news about my brother in law.
When he passed away...
That day i tetap puasa. And she don't even know anything. But that morning she message me. Datang kerja ambil bekal kat dia.
She makes satu jenis mee berkuah. Which she know my type of foods.
Masa buka tuh, sayu jer sebab teringat semalam. This is the time he tinggalkan kami semua.
Becauseof that, i just don't have a feeling to makan.
I rasa one two suap. And suruh my colleagues habiskan.
Diorang yang rasa bersalah. But I'm ok.
Rezeki bagi-bagi kan.

Ok lah. So which this rainbow cake, i donno what i'm gonna give later.
Apa ya?