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Friday, April 14, 2017

Hadiah yang pelik


My colleague invited me to her house last Friday night. After Magrib. 
Ada majlis tahlil and bacaan Yaasin.
I like.
So, me and my partner, we agree to met up at the hospital. Sharp 08:00 pm i dah terpacak dekat lobby.

But i have to wait another half an hours for her siap lilit tudung, 
Hurm, perempuan.

And sampai je sana. All done. Diorang semua tengah enak menjamu selera.
We missed it!
Segan pulak, yelah sampai-sampai terus makan.
As hormatkan tuan rumah. We agree to just go with the flow.
Greet and salam pada tetamu yang ada.
And make our self comfortable.

Tengah cedok nasik, this cheeky girl, Zara, hold my leg and called me. Akak diba!
I'm so surprised that she still remember me.
And how i missed her too.

So, when i duduk bawah, and nak mulakan makan.
She sat in front of me.
And we shared plate.
Suapkan dia.
Luckily i'm just have labu masak lemak, and sayur kerabu not took those sambal belacan.
And sampai habislah makan.
Sebab sedap.

Kalau kat rumah sendirik, rasa dah repeat lapan round nih!

And i tried the kuih, and some pulut kuning with chicken curry.
Sedap sekali.
And sementara tu, sama-sama gak berbual dengan tuan rumah.

Not forgetting, when i tried to play hide and seek with this Zara.
But lastly kantoi.
After that, this cheeky girl ajak main sekali.
But aunty pakai jubah la sayang.
Next time we play more 

Before we go back, she give me this weird present ever.
Kids always be a kids.
This small purple color things is actually penutup ubat that you have to flip it before open.
Mak dia pengumpul tegar benda alah ni rupanya.
Patut macam kenal.

And my colleague sempat gak bungkus laksa.
Nih i ate masa oncall on the next day.
Sedap gak.

Anyway, i have good time.
Tahnks sebab menjemput.
And those food too.